About us

At MWLC we designed an approach to autonomous driving using only visual information, eliminating the need for other expensive sensors and maps. Our efforts have resulted in a proprietary tele-operation and autopilot software package.

Customers across the globe use our software in unmanned logistics and surveillance vehicles and achieve increased safety; reduced capital and operational cost; and reduced CO2 emissions.

MWLC are a member of the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions and endorse the Solar Impulse Foundation’s approach to protect the environment – with clean and efficient technologies – as a unique and profitable opportunity for economic growth, rather than an unsupportable and expensive problem.

Following a rigorous assessment by independent experts the Solar Impulse Foundation awarded MWLC the Efficient Solution Label for the deployment of networks of small autonomous electric vehicles for freight transport.


MWLC is based in Utrecht, Netherlands. We have a team of experienced people with complementary skills. Our focus is firmly on meeting our customers’ needs.